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CIFOR Blog redesign 2015

About the website

CIFOR’s Forests News is a blog, multimedia service providing video, infographics, photo, commentary and analysis on the issue of forests color theme.

The project began when I got contacted by CIFOR. They want to bring important changes that not only on the new design but also offer better user experience, easier management, better functionality etc.

The challenge

The primary goal of the article page is to encourage reading right away. Forests News want to offer up article details without interruptions from busy content in the sidebar. The weight and impact of the body text to be uncompromised — reflecting its editorial significance and the focus of the page. The article page is about reading, and the body text and white space should feel open and uncluttered. Sidebar items are simple and clean, with either no photos or small photos.

The second goal of the detail page is to provide links to useful related content to encourage the reader to follow the content deeper into the blog.

The third major goal of the detail page is to encourage sharing. As shown in the header examples above, including the sharing buttons at the top is important. The design should also consider adding them at the end of the article as well.

The home page has a main goal of showcasing the blog posts in a curated hierarchy. There will be several levels of content, including top-level posts, second-level posts, feature collection, Lists.

As a web UI Specialist, I have responsible to oversee all design aspects of the development of the Forests News blog, including:

  • Providing color palette. The palette was based on basic RGB values inspired by forest
  • Propose wireframe to define the information hierarchy of the web design
  • Propose visual design especially including the homepage, level page and specific page design
  • Improve page layout by modifying HTML, CSS and Javascript if necessary