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Global Landscapes Forum 2014

About the website

Global Landscapes Forum 2014 (GLF 2014) is annual event held by Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). The events bring thousands of negotiators, world leaders, researchers, civil society leaders, business leaders, practitioners and policymakers in agriculture, forestry and development, funding organizations, and media, making it the largest, most influential event outside the UNFCCC COP. 

Goals, requirements and outcome

This website is built around the Forum’s events to create an interactive space for exchange and mutual learning about the challenges facing the planet. Launched in 2013, the Landscapes website has functioned as the central hub for multifunctional landscapes and land uses are at the heart of the intertwined challenges associated with climate and development. The website is running under WordPress with multisite installation.

The aim of this project is to implement new template design for the Landscape website and to improve the website’s main key features and functions, in particular the thematic page.

As a developer I should make the following improvement to the landscapes website:

  • Improve the overall website template to bring greater emphasis on core functions, and give a new, modern and fresh look to the content;
  • Simplify the homepage with greater focus on multimedia and thematic functions example: climate change, green economy, sustainable development etc;
  • Reorganize, redesign homepage tabs for clearer and more function navigation through the website;
  • Modify template stylesheet to improve font, paragraph and heading formats;
  • Designing responsive sites either using CSS framework e.g Bootstrap 2/3, Foundation or build own base theme;
  • Integrating Mailchimp email campaign to the website;
  • Transforming the design from Photoshop into a set of customized Wordpress template as a child theme;
  • Mapping information architecture into user interface and user experience elements and provide the design reference in wireframe and visual design;
  • Assist in customizing CMS backend element, such as custom post type, taxonomies and queries

I worked in one-month sprints. Each began with a planning session between CIFOR staffs including Web Team Leader, Communication Director, Editorial Manager, Associate Professional Officer  and ended with a final review before completed. Through the final process, I worked very closely with CIFOR web team especially when setup WordPress multisite installation where the as a parent then GLF 2014 and GLF 2013 (past) as a child.