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Responsive online ebook

About the website

REDD+ on the ground is an online book dedicated to promote one of the CIFOR publication. The book is also distributed in other format such as epub and pdf.

Goals, requirements and outcome

The aim of this online book is to create a web book that works on mobile and tablet devices and also provide new web experience for audience read a book with more fun and interactive.

As a Front-end developer I should make the following tasks:

  • Researching technology trends
  • Researching interaction design trends
  • Propose interaction design & wireframe
  • Create graphic visual and interaction design
  • Interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Programming interaction with JavaScript and library such as jQuery
  • Testing cross-browser, cross-platform for inconsistencies
  • Worked with publication team to format the layout and text
  • Conduction observational user testing, or reviewing designs against usability heuristics