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About the website

SETAPAK Program Officer (the Asia Foundation) have a collaboration with a web developer consultant to develop and implement all elements of a user-friendly website to disseminate and communicate information on the SETAPAK program using a content management system that can be maintained by non-lT experts.

Goals, requirements and outcome

As a web developer, I have responsible to oversee all aspects of the development of the SETAPAK website, including:

  • Liaise with SETAPAK staff to understand the program's needs and identify user requirements and functionalities. Develop a page list and a Content Management System (CMS) that suits the desired 'look and feel', layout and functionality as required by the SETAPAK program (such as WordPress).
  • Recommend a suitable, secure and credible web hosting for the website and domain name with detail of what services the web host provides.
  • Produce a User Journey or wireframe as a front end design for the website.
  • Oversee the development of a beta version of the website for preview and testing.
  • Oversee the development of an interactive website, compliance with specified web browsers and ensure mobile optimization; that the website is accessible on all devises (computer and smartphones).
  • Ensure the website is integrated with social media, (Facebook, Twitter feed and You Tube), includes an e-newsletter function, and has RSS embedded.
  • Ensure the website works optimally on Firefox J+, Chrome 29+, Opera. Safari 7+ and latest Android browser, Chrome mobile and Safari for iPhone and iPad. Make corresponding adjustments to ensure website is fully responsive and optimised for readability and design at a range of sizes.
  • Ensure the website has sufficient security and is completely contained within the website infrastructure and is not reliant on network security or peer-to-peer connectivity.
  • Ensure that pages and features are accessible by the public with loillimited bandwidth.
  • Incorporate Google site analytics for tracking of web hits, visits, unique visitors and page views.
  • Develop guidelines and training for SETAPAK staff to maintain the website and content.
  • Liaise with WordPress Developer to implement the visual design that has been approved.